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Sermons on Our Real Theme

This resource provides a video sermon playlist featuring sermons on our theme for this year. We hope you will click to watch the services and sermons and share with friends. […]

Doubts About God. Can They Ever Be Good?

  Some of us or perhaps all of us doubt God, his Bible or even his existence from time to time. There are two kinds of doubt however. One is […]

3 Reasons Christ’s Resurrection is so Important.

Easter egg hunts, the Easter Bunny, jelly beans, candy eggs, Easter baskets, and Peeps! All of these are fun and enjoyable parts of Easter, but what if that is all? […]

15 Life-Altering Results of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Often we enjoy Christmas more than Easter.  There are many reasons, but in reality Easter is more important.  True that we wouldn’t have one without the other, but here are 15 […]