Doctrinal Statement

Mission & Vision

Our Team

First Baptist Church is an independent, Bible-believing church.  We are not under the leadership of any certain denomination.  FBC is simply a Bible-believing church, and is  structured like the churches you see in the New Testament of the Bible.  We do, however, fellowship with many churches of like beliefs both locally and across the country.

As a whole, we are a conservative church.  Our goal is that everything we do during our services would bring honor and glory to God.  The mission of the church is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.  Through various means of outreach, both locally and around the world, we are striving to tell the world about the good news of salvation.

We believe that strong families make strong churches.  There are programs and ministry opportunities for every age group and life stage.  From our caring nursery facility to our Ambassadors Senior Citizen group, our goal is to be a place for the entire family!

The various annual events at FBC are always a highlight.  These events range from a Sunday School Christmas Play, Father-Son Campout, Summer Camp for kids and teenagers, Ladies Cookie Exchange, Couples Retreat, Men’s Golf Outing, Adult Christmas Party, and hosting our own Basketball/Volleyball Tournament.  Certainly there are many more activities throughout the year, but these are a few that we all look forward to each year.

History of First Baptist Church

The beginning of the Church
First Sanctuary was built
• Pastor Raymond Wicks became the Pastor
• Had only three members
• Never had a full time pastor before
Establishment of First Baptist School
Moved into new building
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