Honoring Mom

By Pastor Raymond Wicks | May 2020

This Sunday we will give recognition to some of the most special people in our lives, our mothers.  My heart is filled with wonderful thoughts and memories of my mother; she passed away almost nine years ago.  The Bible clearly teaches us to honor our parents.  Ex. 20:12 “Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.”  As we approach Mother’s Day, here are a few practical tips to help us honor our mom.

  • Brag on her

Your mom does something better than anyone else you know.  What is it?  For example, my mom made the best pineapple sauce for ham and pork chops!  My fiancée (now my wife) got the recipe and has now passed it on to our children.  Every time we use it, memories flood back to those special meals with Mom. Let others know about your mother’s amazing chocolate chip cookies or her sweet comforting smile or her incredibly soft hands.  Maybe she is the most faithful, hard-working person you know.  Maybe her selfless deeds for others should be recognized.  Take a few moments right now and think about ways you can brag on your mom.  Give her some well-deserved accolades.

  • Listen to her

Early on I realized that there are only a few people that genuinely love us and have our success in mind.  For many, that person is called “Mom.”  With that in mind, she certainly deserves our attention when she tries to teach us, correct us, or guide us.  Don’t be too cool to listen to your mother.  In Prov. 1:8 the Bible says, “hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother.”  Prov. 15:20 continues, “a foolish man despiseth his mother.” Listen to her.  She is trying to help you.  She probably has your best interest at stake.

  • Stay out of trouble

Prov. 10:1 says, “a foolish son is the heaviness of his mother.”  Even as a young boy, I remember wanting to please Mom.  I wanted her to be happy with my decisions and my life.  One of the reasons I hired our current Youth Pastor is because he had a reputation of wanting to please his mother, even as a teen.  Spare your mother from a lot of
heartaches and embarrassment by simply doing right.

  • Be a success

Give your mom a son or daughter she can be proud of.  Make her child-rearing efforts worthwhile.  My mom is now gone from this life, but she can look down from heaven and see four successful children who owe a great amount of honor to a wonderful lady we called “Mom.”  She deserves honor.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom!