Journeys of Grace

Grace loves adventure. Grace loves to see new places; to do new things. A journey of Grace is not the exception – it is the norm. Grace has been found in all 50 states. Grace is known to many people from many backgrounds, with many stories. And I’m not talking theology here, people – I’m talking about Grace Coulton. Remember, the bubbly, cheerful, stranded-in-Colorado-for-two-days-in-a-blizzard Grace? – yes, THAT Grace!
Grace Coulton is no stranger to adventure and travel. Here she poses in Plattsmouth, Nebraska – halfway between where she grew up and where she went to college.
And now she is off to Uganda, and THAT is a journey! Lake Victoria, jungles, snakes…and ministry.

We will be missing Grace around here (especially as school begins), but we certainly wish her the best and pray God’s blessings in her life. And in her “journeys.”