If You’ve Been Considering Coming Back to Church, Here’s a Short Note…

An Open Letter to Those Who Feel They Need (1)Hi,

I wanted to let you know that people miss seeing you at church. I know life has been hectic lately and you can’t make it as often as you think about coming. I know you are thankful, like I am, that our eternal salvation and relationship with God doesn’t rest on how often we are in church.  Truly, we are all thankful that Jesus’ sacrifice took care of all of that for us, and we don’t have to work our way into Heaven! Being in church definitely doesn’t get us to Heaven, but it sure can be a little taste of Heaven on Earth. 

With that being said, we all really wish you’d consider coming back to church. Here are a few reasons why we think you’d enjoy getting back into the routine.

1.      God’s Word. Pastor is still preaching and teaching from the Bible, and his messages are practical “where we live” kind of messages.  He’s been teaching on some really helpful topics recently, like a healthy relationship with God, the importance of the Bible in our lives, how to have hope, and more.  All of these have been straight from the Bible.

2.      Praying with others. I know you enjoy prayer just between you and the Lord like I do. However, there is something special and uplifting about praying with other believers. I seem to understand more about prayer and how to pray when I hear others pray around me. It is also a blessing to hear them praising the Lord in prayer. It makes me praise Him more myself and takes my mind off of my problems. Hearing others pray is helping me realize that life is bigger than just me. Come join us in prayer. Of course, you remember that you don’t have to pray aloud. Just listen to others lead in prayer as you pray with them silently. It is so refreshing.

3.      Friendship with other believers.  I know there are people you don’t know at church, but I’m sure that the more you come, the more you’ll develop friendships. These friends will share your joys and cares. They will pray for you and even with you. There will be plenty of smiles and laughs, too. Christian friends are more than just friends, they are family – for eternity.

4.      A place to get involved.  I know you are not a selfish person and like to be involved in helping others. You are probably already busy enough doing things for others, but there is always room to serve others at church if you want to get more involved.  Just come on back and ask. We will help you get connected in an area that is right for you.

Well, I could go on, but the point is that I know people would be glad to see you in church again. I know for certain that the Lord would be happy to see you in church again.  Would you please rearrange your schedule and come see us this Sunday? I really feel like you’ll be glad you did.

The Sunday morning service starts at 11 AM and we still have Sunday School and Connection Groups at 10 AM.

Kindest Regards,
The First Baptist Church Family