Advisors Anonymous – 6 Ways a Wife Can Frustrate Her Husband or Make His Day

The following are tips submitted by the congregation of First Baptist Church in Plattsmouth, Nebraska in a program called ‘Advisors Anonymous.’
A wife can frustrate her husband when she:
  1. Puts him down in public
  2. Employs constant badgering to get her way.
  3. Uses the “you always” phrase.
  4. Complains about something he cannot provide or fix.
  5. Minimizes his efforts or sacrifice
  6. Takes unrelated frustrations out on him

A wife can make her husband’s day when she:

  1. Brags on him.
  2. Prepares his favorite dish.
  3. Asks about his day and listens.
  4. Is available to him. 🙂
  5. Tells him how she admires him.
  6. Gives him an evening of peace and tranquility – no problems.                   
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